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A first of its kind: This patented Electrochemical Additive Manufacturing (ECAM) process can produce objects in solid metal, like: Copper, Nickel, Iron, CoCr, Inconel, Stainless Steel, Silver and Gold (just to name a few). Since we don't use metal powders, these parts are infinitely recyclable, low in porosity, and are an order of magnitude cheaper than current metal printing technologies.

We developed a unique process that is an intuitive combination of two mature technologies: Stereo-Lithography and Electro-Deposition. Using a sophisticated control system, the printer deposits metals, producing parts quickly and effectively at room temperature and pressure. With this disruptive process you can forget everything you know about metal 3D printing. The future is here.

Our Technology


Fewer voids than powder-bed processes. ECAM builds parts atom-by-atom with improved micro-structure repeatability.

High Speed

This isn't just any old plating bath. ECAM prints parts as fast or faster than lasers or electron beam processes.

First of its Kind

Jump start your R&D and expand your capabilities with this new technology!

Safe & Environmentally Friendly

Our patented cartridges keep the process safe and disposal of used salt cartridges is a breeze.

Low Cost

Solid state electronics and inexpensive feedstock make ECAM the most cost and energy efficient metal printing process ever.


Because it uses no heat, ECAM is the only process that can print plastics and metals together in the same print!

Our Products


Benchtop Printer

Build Area 100 mm X 100 mm
Print Resolution (Horizontal) 50 μm
(Vertical) 25 μm
Surface roughness 75 micro-inch or better
Build Rate up to 1.5 Kg/hr

Gen 3

Large Format Printer

Build Area 300 mm x 450 mm
Print Resolution (Horizontal) 50 μm
(Vertical) 25 μm
Surface roughness 75 micro-inch or better
Build Rate up to 15.0 Kg/hr

Material Selection

Wide variety of Feedstocks

Iron Nickel Stainless Steel
Cobalt Tin CoCr
Zinc Silver Aluminum
Gold Copper Titanium
Polymers MMCs And More!

Our Team

Jeff Herman
David Pain
Shiv Shailendar
Vacit Arat
Board Memeber
Dr. Walt Gillespie
Principal Technical Advisor
Dr. Dobromir Filip
Electromechanical Advisor
Pushpal Sidhu
Software / Firmware Engineer
Dr. Mitchell Meade
Chemistry Advisor
Dr. Arun Prakash
Chemistry & Grant Advisor
Karl James
Financial Advisor
Boris Finkel
Business Advisor
Mari Doroud
Human Resources Advisor

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