Advanced Metal 3D Printing


Electrochemical Additive Manufacturing

Technology Benefits

Electrochemical Additive Manufacturing (ECAM) is a room-temperature 3D metal printing technology that produces complex, dense metal parts without thermal processing. ECAM builds rapidly at the atomic level from a water-based feedstock containing dissolved metal ions. The electrochemical approach allows for micron-scale feature resolution, complex internal features, high-purity materials, and rapid scalability to support mass manufacturing. We are working to broaden the market for metal additive manufacturing by providing advanced manufacturing services that displace traditional manufacturing.


Ultra-high resolution, high-purity components, with capability to directly print onto temperature sensitive substrates such as PCBs, silicon, or existing metal components.


ECAM uniquely combines established technologies to enable additive manufacturing at a mass scale. Our patented microelectrode array technology allows for reliable production of high-quality parts from a room-temperature, water based feedstock.


Recyclable metal feedstocks and low energy consumption. ECAM enables more than a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions relative to alternative additive technologies and traditional manufacturing.

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